Ordering Information

Terms and Conditions
Payment in full, including shipping costs must accompany each mail order. Please send a check or money order in U.S.A. currency. Mastercard or Visa accepted. We do not accept C.O.D. or cash orders. A $15.00 fee is imposed on all returned checks.

All our plants are hardy here in Zone 4/5 (U.S.D.A.) unless otherwise noted. Blooming dates reflect our Maine location.

Of course we try to plan our inventory to fill all your requests. However, circumstances can and do change with living plants. All orders are subject to availability of good quality plant material. With out comprehensive stock of over 1000 different plants grown, we obviously cannot guarantee to be able to supply all those requested at any one time. Therefore, we suggest listing substitutions when placing an order.

We try to ship only during the cool months in spring and fall, however we cannot be responsible for damage to plants enroute due to heat. We also cannot replace lost by causes over which we have no control, such as drought, extreme heat or cold, possible neglect or winterkill. Claims will receive consideration only when made within ten days after delivery.

All plants are shipped freshly dug or from containers, depending upon the season. We now ship all summer, April to November. If you wish, you may pick up your order when you visit us. Please notify us at least a week in advance when you plan to pick up your order.

Packed With Care!

We take great pride in our careful packaging techniques. We use fresh sphagnum peat moss fibers harvested right here. With the perfect shipping environment our bare rooted plant systems arrive fresh and ready to be planted in your garden.

Any of the plants in this catalog or at our nursery may be deadly if consumed. Our plants are inspected by the State of Maine Department of Agriculture, horticulture division.

International Shipments
We ship to Canada at this time

All images are property of Fieldstone Gardens, Inc. unless otherwise otherwise credited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size plants do you ship?

Our plants are grown in a variety of ways here at the nursery. We have a large amount of field stock as well as containerized plant material. The plants we ship to our mail order customers are the same plants that our walk-in retail customers choose from. We do not ship seedling size plants, we guarantee all of our perennials are at least two years old. Our container stock is grown in either a two quart container (5 inch square), or a tree band (3.5 inch square). Naturally the size of each plant depends on the nature of its growth habit and dormancy cycle.

How are your plants shipped?

When preparing orders for shipment, we adhere to a specific process for each one.In the case of containerized material, plants need to be extracted from the pots and their rootball trimmed. The plant is set on damp sphagnum moss, wrapped individually in brown kraft paper, secured with a rubber band, and tagged. Plants from our field are dug the day of shipping and put on paper with sphagnum moss in the same way.

If ordering in late spring or fall, the foliage may be pruned for shipping. With regard to certain wildflowers or delicate plants, they might stay in their container for shipping.

Also, depending on specific state regulations some perennials may arrive pre-dipped in a pesticide solution as mandated by law.

What is your guarantee policy?

We strive to ship solely in the cooler periods of spring and fall. Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for plant damage during transit in warm climates. We cannot replace plants lost due to factors beyond our control, like drought, extreme temperatures, neglect, or winter kill. Claims must be submitted within ten days after delivery to be considered.