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Dragonfly Ornament

Dragonfly Ornament

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The Dragonfly is a powerful symbol with myriad meanings, including ​​looking within for spiritual guidance, rebirth, ​immortality, transformation, adaptation, and spiritual awakening. Many consider it good luck to have a dragonfly land on their head. Biologists, ecologists, and naturalists love dragonflies (and their cousin the damselfly) for a more pragmatic reason: dragonflies are indicator species, which means that their presence is a sign of an ecosystem's good health. Dragonflies must lay their eggs in clean bodies of water, and they have a keen sense of water purity - so if you see a dragonfly, you know you're in a healthy habitat!

For all those reasons, the Dragonfly ornament is a special gift for anyone who cherishes our green earth, loves the ethereal dragonfly, and/or has shown remarkable strength and adaptation in times of difficulty. It makes a meaningful gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, as a stocking stuffer, in sympathy or memory, as encouragement, or as a thank you.

The Dragonfly pewter ornament is detailed on both sides and comes in a flannel pouch and gift box. It measures 2 1/8" wide by 2" high, plus the satin ribbon.

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