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Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire Fab' - (Tree)

Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire Fab' - (Tree)

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire Fab' - (Tree)

  • Blooms earlier than most hydrangeas
  • Unique X-shaped flowers go from white to pink to red through the season
  • Strong, sturdy stems keep blooms clean, upright, and showy all year round
  • Long blooming

The absolutely fabulous Quick Fire Fab® panicle hydrangea shares the same super-early bloom time, rock-solid reliability, and easy-going nature of the original Quick Fire hydrangea, but adds big, full, showy mophead blooms to the mix. How fabulous is that? It's the best way to get the earliest possible panicle hydrangea flowers, expanding the seasonal display by two weeks or more every year. If you look closely at the lush blooms, you'll see each floret has an unusual cruciform shape which gives them a textural effect you won't find in other panicle hydrangeas. As the blooms age, they turn blush pink, then bright pink, then red, from the bottom up, making each one look like a big delicious ice cream cone that goes from vanilla to berry as the summer progresses. Quick Fire Fab provides 3+ months of flowers and color in your landscape or garden, and does it all with almost no work or effort from you.

  • Hardiness Zone:3-8
  • Height:72-96 in
  • Spread:60-72 in
  • Spacing:60-72 in

Photo: Spring Meadow Nursery

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