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Swan Ornament

Swan Ornament

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Unlike most other species of animals, swans mate for life. Once they meet their forever mate, the bonded pair will stay together, raising clutch after clutch of cygnets, learning from their successes and failures each time.

Swans symbolize grace, beauty, love, trust, and loyalty. They are known for their elegance as well as their fierceness; their strength as well as their tenderness.

Part of our beloved collection of pewter bird ornaments, the Swan brings all of this depth, complexity, and beauty with her, ready to adorn your tree.

Lessons from a Swan: Be a fierce protector of your children. Learn from your successes and failures. Act with grace no matter the setting. Remember that even the ugliest duckling can transform into a majestic swan.

Dimensions are approximate because all Danforth ornaments are crafted by hand. Subtle variations are natural.

  • Measures 1 5/8 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide
  • Tied with a black satin ribbon
  • Comes tucked in a flannel pouch and gift boxed
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