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Peach 'Contender' - Peach

Peach 'Contender' - Peach

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It's true. Peach selection can be difficult if you are looking to raise them in a home orchard in the far north. Good thing 'Contender' is available to give you a great tasting peach that will shrug off your Zone 4 winters. This late July maturing, freestone peach will thrill you with its big size, its tasty juiciness and its ability to produce loads of these red blushed yellow fruit that are equally good fresh as they are canned or preserved for later use. 'Contender' is self-fruitful, easy to grow and a sure way to make your northern backyard feel like it's a little further south!

  • Hardiness Zone:4-8
  • Height:10-12 ft
  • Spread:10-12 ft
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